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Dangerpronered First LE Circle Sent-Recieved post!

Okay, both circles are out!

Alli, you should probably recieve it...tomorrow.

Ashley, yours will probably take longer.

In any case. this is the post you should post in when you send it and recieve it! Delivery confirmation numbers should be posted :)


Okay, just a warning - I might be a little later in posting that I've sent it out, as tonight my laptop's power connection completely died and I have to conserve what's left of the battery to attempt to back up everything so my entire life doesn't fall apart. My new laptop's not scheduled to ship until the 25th. The only internet use I can get until then is through my stepdad's computer - and that's only when he's not using it. This won't interfere with my sending it out, obviously, but I might not get to post until that night that I've sent it out.
Not a problem! Good luck with your laptop!

Lap top power problem!

Holy-shmoly! You wouldn't happen to have a Dell, would you?

I do and the power cable input jack (its really the mother board inside your computer where it connects into) was acting up so I thought it was the power-pack/power cord and ordered another through Dell. It lasted 4 weeks and the problem was back.

So, I have another laptop now I received (not a Dell) last week and have been transferring MY LIFE (basically) from the dwindling battery supply on the Dell via a 5 gig jump-drive.

Good luck to you! If you need any advice, etc...feel free to write because I understand your frustration.

Can't wait for the circle to really RAMP UP!!!

Re: Lap top power problem!

Yep.. I only got a Dell because my stepfather had credit with them, and now I'm only getting another Dell because of the same credit. I HATE Dell, I've worked tech support and Dell's tech support is the worst thing ever.. not to mention the products suck.

On my now-dying laptop, the power connection jack to the motherboard is like.. loose. As in, the connection jack itself is loose. The cord wiggles around and sparks and it won't connect for a power charge.

What mainly sucks is that this happened on the 3rd, and on the 14th my college classes resume - both of which require a lot of home internet access. :\ So I'll be behind before the semester even starts.

I'm excited for the circle though. BPAL, my boyfriend, and my collection of TV shows on DVD are keeping me sane.
Aye, aye!!! I'm so jazzed :)
It arrived today... so I should be getting it out Tuesday, yes?
If you can please :)
So's you know -- my schedule has just changed from "not working" to "full time STUDENT." I'll be able to go to the PO on Wednesdays and Fridays, so any delay should not be significant.
No problem :) Yay for classes and schoolwork!
If you lived closer I'd have you helping with the homework, so be glad there's however many miles between!
Hehe, I wouldn't mind helping if it's something I know. If you need help with math, forget it! Asian art on the other hand...
Naw, interrogation techniques masquerading as deep-tissue massage.
Ah, THAT kind of help! XD I guess I am glad I live many miles away then!
Got mine today! It was among 3 other packages so I'll be sniffed out by the end of the day, but it's definitely going first. :) Yaaaay!
Okay, already tested, selected, replaced, and put in my bag to ship off tomorrow. :)
Wow, you have an excellent turn-over rate! I think you might have beaten Alli! Not that this is a race or anything :)
Haha, I have a habit of testing everything the day I get it - so by the end of it, I'm a big blob of different sniffies. Then it was just, put in my replacement + a few little extras into a ziploc baggie and scribble down the address of the next person so I didn't forget to include the mail-to sheet in with everything else, haha. :D
*whew* Ok, I majorly dropped the ball... I won't bore you with my psuedo-legitimate excuse (but if you need to know, I will share, I just don't want to complain) but I think what I've sent will make it up to the next person. I received the package Saturday the 5th, and it should have gone out last Tuesday... so I'm a week late.

BUT it's super, it's mailed, and the DC# is 0307 0020 0002 2965 3272
Not a problem Alli! I'm just glad to know that it's moving along.
thanks very much :) I felt really bad... but yes, it is now moving along! :)
rec'd yesterday!

familial obligations all weekend, so it'll ship out monday after work, will post DC number then!
ok, this has been the week from hell with pet semi-emergencies, etc, and being stuck at work until late every day(and my lunch break isnt long enough to run out then...) apparently i work the same hours the PO is open, plus at least an hour extra on each end...

it'll go out saturday morning, first thing.
ok, its out. sorry about the delay. its been packed and ready to go, i just havent made it to the PO while they're open until yesterday.

0306 0830 0001 2031 9148
Okay, so I know I sent it out the day I said I would with DC, but I can't find the number - and since tempestteapot hasn't posted that she's got it, I'm really worried. :\

This one is on its final leg back home!

Hey guys!

Just wanted to write and let you know I received the package today and have it set to go back home to Joelle tomorrow morning!


Re: This one is on its final leg back home!


I was wondering about where the circles might be...thanks for letting me know!

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