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dangerpronered in bpalroundrobins

dangerpronered's LE Circle -- Final List!

Okay, we have a final roster! There were enough participants so that I could break it up into two smaller but still varied circles. I tried to break the people up so that the packages would move in a circle and not jump from NY to CA and back to NY.


Circle 1:


Circle 2:

Of course, I will be the last person on both lists. The address that I am putting is going to be different from where I am originally sending from, just so you know. The packages will have a clear list of where to send next, so don't worry. If you happen to lose it, let me know and I can send the info to you.

I hope to get these packages out within the next few days. I still need to decide which imps are going in and type up all of the info. I hope you guys are as excited about this as I am!


SquEEeee! *bouncy*
*joins in the squeeying bouncyness*


*already eye-balling the precious*....

....tune in the jeopardy music......

I'm so excited you started this, DIR. I love swapping and getting great swaps going is harder than it used to be several years back so this is a welcome surprise to jumpstart the New Year with!
*squee!* I've already started giving my imps the eye to see who's going on to a new home.
What a cool idea! I'm sorry I only found the community today! Oh well, I'm sure there will be more.
I sure hope so! This was only the very first one. And you're always welcome to start one yourself :)
I'm *seriously* thinking about it -- a big one, sending out 10-20+ imps, inviting people to take up to 4-5, 'cause I think the postage isn't really worth it otherwise.

There's the question of time though. It's why I have so many damn imps. :)
YAY! I'm so glad to be involved in this, I love swaps and this sounds like it'll be a lot of fun.

Question - If we want to include a sniffy in addition to an imp, could we?
Of course! You can add whatever else you want! (Provided it isn't illegal or anything x.x )
Haha, I don't OWN anything illegal. Other than maybe an illegally large collection of soap. :D
In that case, I recind my prior statement ;P (Although if large collections of bath products were illegal, I suspect the entire BPAL community would be raided)
Haha, I'm sure you're right.. but it's not wrong that we want to smell pretty..
Circle 1 arrived today, I will get it out Friday to defencmen.

February 2008

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