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dangerpronered in bpalroundrobins

Circle 1 has landed!

Circle 1 has landed! Thanks everyone for making my very first bpalroundrobins swapping experience a success! Or half a success, at least, until the other circle comes in.

The circle started off with Virgo 2007, Death of Autumn, Purple Phoenix and Leo 2007 (and a tester of Lucretia, as well).

From there, Purple Phoenix became The Masque. Then, the Death of Autumn became Creepy. After that, Leo 2007 became Samhainophobia 2007. Lastly, The Masque became Emathides and a partial Corazon. Virgo is still chilling with me, but the circle was so small that I'm surprised and glad it was the only one.

Also, the tea I added turned into some candy, a different tea bag and a soap sample, all in a lovely satin-y bag. Thanks so much everyone!

I hope everyone had fun participating in the circle, and I hope to see more in the future!

So, does anyone know how the second circle is doing? I haven't heard anything since hangar sent it out. tempestteapot should have recieved it and sent it on its merry way by now. Could whoever has it please let me know?


Okay, if we can't track it down, I'll take some of my LE imps and send them out to make up for it, I suppose.

February 2008

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