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Happy Coffee by supinternets

dangerpronered in bpalroundrobins

Dangerpronered's First LE Round Robin Circle!

Signups are closed!

Okay, to kick off this community, I am starting a LE imp round robin!

The rules, copied almost exactly from the inspiration behind this community, my co-mod zianuray, are:

Everyone gets 3 days with the package of imps, then they mail it to the next person with DC to keep tabs on the package. Sending early is fine, but please try to mail on or before the due date.

You get it Monday. You reply to the final memberlist post with "Yay! It's here!" or something similar. You have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to test imps and select the one you want. Friday it goes in the post to the next person, with delivery confirmation, AND you EMAIL me when you send it on and, preferably, the DC# for tracking.

I'll start the package with three LE imps in good condition. Next person tests, chooses ONE, puts in ONE good-condition LE imp, and sends it to the next person.

Please do not include: Retail only imps, Salon imps, Carnival Diabolique imps, Neil Gaiman/Terry Pratchett imps, Tarot and Sephiroth imps, Chaos Theory blends or regular GC imps
Okay catagories to include: Lunacy imps, non-Tarot/Sephiroth discontinueds, unreleased imps, Anniversary Phoenix imps, imps of briefly resurrected but now no longer available scents, seasonals like Yules and Halloweenies and BPTP imps. Of course, these guidlines are just for the main three imps, to keep things mostly even.

Please email me when you send the package on so we can keep track of who has it. I will post the progression of imps when it's all done, if you're curious.

The question was raised in comments about "What if you don't want any of them? Can you add an imp anyhow?" I'm not going to tell anyone to NOT be generous if they wish!
If you wish to add a bit of candy, tea, pr whatever for the next person, that's fine -- but NOT required.

A list of names and addresses will be in the package -- cross off the next name as you send it on.

I'll list the three imps I started; if you'd list which one you take and which you replace it with, it'd be a cool way of tracking the metamorphosis of the package!

ALSO: Due to mailing times, this is a US-only swap. Feel free to make your own international round robin!

To sign up --

Email me at DangerInRed at gmail dot com with
Subject Line -- Round Robin BPAL Swap
Your LJ name
a link to your feedback
Your mundane name and mailing address

This is Thursday evening...I'll take signups through Sunday evening (although if I get too many people, I may cut off sign-ups earlier) and will make up my list ASAP after that, depending on how many people sign up.


Yay! I'm in! (If I got here in time!)
Of course you're in! Even if you weren't the second person to email, I would've found somewhere to fit you in!
emailed you :)
Got it!
US only always makes me sad.
Aww! You need only start your own international circle...
No, okay, I just hadn't noticed this comm was for US people.
My envelopes wouldn't reach the UK or anywhere sooner than they'd reach the USA (five days in general), so if it's too long, I just have to live with it.
Just emailed you, hope I'm not too late..

February 2008

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