BPAL Round Robins

Imp-swapping fun!

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A place to have round robins using Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab products
This community is for Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab themed Round Robin swaps.

Round robins are swaps where a package goes from one person to the next, and people along the way take things out and put other things in to replace them. By the time the package gets back to the person who started it, it is full of all new things! Round robins are a great way to experience new scents without committing to buying/swapping for them.

Please read the rules and regulations here before participating in any swapping activities.

In addition, pleas enote that no explicit content is allowed. This community does not allow it, as per LJ's specifications. We ask that you please keep any userpics that you use PG-13 or less. Accidental userpic violations will recieve a warning and be asked to change them. Intentional violators of this rule will be banned.

Because we want everything to move smoothly, you should also note that SWAPLIFTERS WILL BE BANNED. Please do not swaplift. Round robins work with the fact that a package can travel smoothly from one person to the next, eventually ending up where it started. Swaplifting disrupts this process and the original sender loses their investment in what should have been a fun activity.

Happy swapping!